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Types of P-touch Tapes
1000's of uses We offer a wide variety of Brother Ptouch Tapes.  Brother Ptouch tapes are avalable in many colors, widths and styles. Your applications and your choice of Brother P-touch labeler should guide your ultimate Brother ptouch tape selection. Our Ptouch tape selections include both laminated and non-laminated tapes with a variety of adhesive choices. The information on this site should help you determine the correct Brother Ptouch tape for your specific application.

1000's of uses
Laminated Tapes
Brother Standard Laminated TZ Tapes stick to virtually any surface and is durable enough to withstand scrapes and abrasions. Because it's water resistant, it can be used outdoors, as well as indoors. It shrugs off spills of any kind; from water, to oil, to chemicals and won't fade under harsh UV rays. And it stays on through hot and cold environments from freezers to microwaves. Brother has laminated TZ Tapes down to a science.
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Extra Strength Tapes
Brother Extra Strength Adhesive Laminated Tapes are perfect for textured and hard to stick surfaces. Extra Strength industrial tape has up to twice the adhesive strength than regular P-touch Tape. It can be used on a much wider range of surfaces and materials. It's ideal for harsh environments and textured surfaces!
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Flexible ID Tapes
Brother TZ Tapes is perfect for wire wrapping, cabling and other curved surfaces. This specially designed Brother TZ Tape can be used for telco and datacome applications.
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Florescent Tapes
This Brother TZ Tape has a background that stands out more than standard color tape and is very eye-catching. Some of its best uses are for warning and instruction labels in factories and advertising labels in stores.
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Non-Laminated Metallic Tapes
Non-Laminated Metallic Tape is also known as "M" tape. This Brother tape is
non-laminated and prints black letters on durable color tape. This Brother tape should be used for indoor, temporary use.
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Avery Die Cut Labels
There are three different styles of AV (Avery) label cassettes available, which are designed to expand your addressing and filing capabilities. All styles are die-cut paper labels available for specific models only: PT-2600
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Fabric Tapes
This Brother TZ Tape is made from cloth so that after letters are printed on it, an iron can be used to stick this tape to some other piece of cloth. Clothing with tape stuck to it can be dry-cleaned.
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Iron - on Transfer Tapes
This Brother TZ Tape allows letters to be printed on it to be transferred by ironing to a piece of fabric. It can be used to place the names on smooth surface fabric like the 100% cotton used in uniforms. Clothing with letters transferred to it can be dry-cleaned, or washed.
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Security Tapes
This Brother TZ Tape has a special adhesive so when the label is peeled off it leaves a checkerboard pattern. Use it for labels that must not be peeled off such as company assets.
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